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November 14

5 Commercial Real Estate Marketing Tips to End 2022 Strong


As the year 2022 comes to an end, many commercial real estate brokers are trying to fit in at least one more deal. In this article, we share five commercial real estate marketing tips for you to make a new deal nearing the end of Q4. 


The process of making a deal so close to the start of a new year is challenging. Between now and January 1st, both you and your clients are busy with certain responsibilities and holiday festivities. Ultimately, schedules get busy, and you have fewer working days during the holiday season.


While making a deal during the holidays is a challenge, it is not impossible. Let’s dive into the ways that you can increase your chances of ending the year strong with one more deal:

  • Strategize your outreach efforts.


Try not to get caught up in the reasons why it might be too late to make a new deal before the year ends. You need to strategize your outreach efforts because there are still many prospective clients who are interested in selling or refinancing their properties before the start of the new year. Your job is to seek out those eager prospective clients as soon as possible. 


With AI-powered commercial real estate software, you can find out which properties are most likely to quickly sell or refinance. You also receive dependable, true owner contact information- not just an LLC. Our software can also offer you accurate sales comps so that you can be on top of CRE market trends and build negotiations as you close a deal.

  • Send clients your holiday greetings.


The holidays can be a hectic time. You need to make sure that you are still a priority to your clients, and the best way to do this is by sending them holiday greeting cards. 


It is important to check in on your current, past, and potential clients. If you have any active clients, you could send them a gift basket or a bottle of wine to send them well wishes. For previous or prospective clients, we recommend sending a holiday card or even making a warm, personal phone call. These gestures can spark meaningful conversations and remind clients that you are here for them and ready to make a deal if they want.

  • Invest in a CRM platform.


You need to invest in a solid customer relationship management (CRM) platform so that you can keep track of your client contact list, increase your chances of closing a deal, and make sure you never miss a follow-up with prospective clients.


CREOP’s CRM was designed by commercial property marketing professionals who know what brokers need to drive deals and build a successful customer base. 

  • Set up targeted end-of-year campaigns


An effective way to make a deal during this time of year is by creating an End-of-Year (EOY) campaign. Make sure your campaign is enticing so that you can grab the attention of relevant contacts that you reach out to.


In order to run an EOY campaign, you need to start with your CRM and break down your contacts into groups. Make a list of clients that you spoke with earlier in the year who said that you could contact them late in Q4. These clients may not have been ready to list their property before, but sending them an email today can give them the encouragement that they need.

  • Post on social media.


Social media can help you build trust with clients and bond with past and potential clients. Yes, social media platforms like Instagram and Linkedin can get crowded, but brokers that post on a routine basis are more likely to gain higher engagement rates which can lead to a deal.


Here are some effective social media marketing strategies to follow:


  • Pay attention to certain social networks. Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram are the most effective platforms to connect with prospective clients.


  • Regularly post market insights to show that you have expert CRE knowledge. Talk about current trends and share your predictions for the year ahead.


  • Respond to all comments posted on your social channels. Increase engagement by asking people to share their opinions. 


  • Show clients your personality. You want people to see that you are authentic, and if you are funny, don’t be afraid to show an appropriate sense of humor.


Are you determined to close a deal before the end of 2022? It may be challenging to meet your goals during the holiday season, but it is not impossible. With the commercial real estate marketing tips we discussed, you are more likely to finish the year strong. 

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