Find a plan and pricing that works best for you. Everything listed is included in the price except custom maps, site plans, etc. has an extra cost.

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$99 Activation Fee





32% Savings from Monthly Plan
works out to $66.25/mo.

$0 Activation Fee


5 + Members



works out to $59.58/mo.

$0 Activation Fee


Frequently Asked Questions

Enter the property information into our easy to use online platform. For investment sales, Include income and expenses and our system performs all the calculations and generates a professional marketing package complete with charts, graphs, financial analysis, etc.

No, just enter the income and expenses and our system performs all the calculations and generates a professional marketing package complete with charts, graphs, financials analysis, etc.

Yes, you can upload your own files and documents that get incorporated seamlessly into the report. There is no limit to the number of documents you can upload. Thanks to this feature, people outside of traditional commercial real estate brokerage use our platform such as; developers, syndicators, lenders, and residential agents.

Yes, here is how that works. Email us all the data and pictures you want to include in the offering memorandum. We review everything and give you a quote. With Broker Assist we take care of all the inputting and send you a completed offering memorandum and/or proposal. Turnaround time 3-5 business days.

Yes, you need to have a subscription (doesn’t matter which plan) in order to use Broker Assist. The “Broker Assist” cost is in addition to the subscription cost. Turnaround time 3-5 business days.

We do not offer a free trial period; however, you can start with the Monthly Plan and if you convert to the Yearly Plan within the first 7 days, we will refund the $99 activation fee back to your credit card and prorate your first month cost.

Yes, we have a lease section – it’s awesome!

Yes –   all CREOP plans include access to our single family residence platform (SFROP).  You can learn more about our single family home platform at our sister company

We do not offer a satisfaction guarantee or refunds. This is why we encourage people to take advantage of our complementary 30-minute demos where we share our screen with you so you can get a sense for how the program works. Click the Book at Demo button to sign up for a demo.

There’s no difference. Offering Memorandum is a fancy way to say Marketing Package.

We are not a comp service like CoStar or CREXI. You can upload a comp report from one of those companies or enter the comp details and our platform generates fantastic comp reports.

Yes, we provide demographics at no additional cost. We partnered with ESRI who supplies our demographic information.

Using Google Maps, our auto mapping feature generate three different maps, (local, regional and satellite). It is also used for mapping comparable properties for rent, on-market, and sale comps.

Custom maps, site plans, floor plans and office stacking plans are manually created which is why there is an extra cost ranging from $100 – $200. Alternately, you may upload any of these items from your computer.

Enterprise Plan needs to have a minimum of 5 licenses. This mean you purchase at least 5 licenses at one time. You may give those licenses out to people in your company and revoke them as you have turnover in your company.

YES, free phone and email tech support 9-5pm Pacific Time