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March 14

Approaching the Commercial Real Estate OM as an Investor


Investing in commercial real estate property is an excellent opportunity to expand and boost your financial portfolio. That said, there are multiple steps you need to consider before investing in real estate, including the process of reading and comprehending the commercial real estate OM.

The commercial real estate offering memorandum (OM) is an important document that provides details on a property’s terms, conditions, and financial information. It is designed to give you a comprehensive list of facts and details about a property you plan to invest in. Here are five main topics included in the offering memorandum that you need to keep an eye out for when you read it:

  1. Overview and Executive Summary: This section gives you a brief introduction to the property and information on its current state.
  2. Financial Summary and Investment Analysis: This section provides financial details, such as the property’s income, expenses and cash flow statements.
  3. Property Description: This section offers essential details about the property, such as amenities, location, zoning, and special permit requirements. 
  4. Legal Matters: This section gives details on a property’s legal issues (if there are any), such as pending litigations or environmental concerns.
  5. Risk Factors: This section offers a list of potential risks that you should take seriously, such as market conditions and tenant risk.

By carefully reading  a commercial real estate offering memorandum, you will gain an accurate and comprehensive understanding of a property and how it will perform on the market. Reading the offering memorandum ultimately helps minimize risk and maximize your return on investment.

It is crucial to understand the language used in an OM. Consider researching financial terminology before reviewing a commercial real estate OM. You will also want to be conscious of any disclaimers or caveats within the document. For instance, an OM may include financing options within the terms and conditions that you should take advantage of.


The Private Offering Memorandum

When engaging in a private offering memorandum (POM), you must be knowledgeable about the legal and financial features of the investment. As an investor, it is crucial that you understand the terms and conditions outlined in a POM and additional clauses because they can impact the returns on investment. It would be helpful if you also were mindful of the potential risks involved with an investment and the steps you can take to reduce them.

You should also be mindful of the local regulations governing real estate transactions and be sure they are compliant. You will want to consult other professionals, such as tax professionals, real estate agents, and attorneys, who can support and help you make an informed decision regarding the POM.

At a real estate investor, it is imperative that you read and understand the commercial real estate OM in its entirety before investing so that you can feel confident in your decision regarding a property purchase.

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