January 31

Get Creative With Your Commercial Real Estate OM


A commercial real estate OM (offering memorandum) is typically used by brokers to market the property to potential buyers or tenants and is an important tool for persuading them to take a closer look at the property. As a professional commercial real estate broker, it is essential to be creative with your OM to stand out from the competition and reel in potential buyers or tenants.


Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Use visually appealing design elements

An offering memorandum is essentially a marketing document, so it should be visually appealing. CREOP can help you get started on an offering memorandum template that uses high-quality images of the property, as well as eye-catching graphics and charts to help illustrate key points.


Include detailed information about the property

Providing as many details as possible about the property in the commercial real estate offering memorandum is important. The OM should include details about the location, size, layout, and any unique features or amenities.


Emphasize the property’s strengths

Consider what makes the property stand out and highlight these points in the OM. Is it located in a prime location? Does it have a unique layout or design? Make sure to emphasize these points to help persuade potential buyers or tenants to take a closer look.


Use testimonials

If the property has been leased or sold before, consider including testimonials from previous tenants or buyers. Testimonials help build credibility and show potential buyers or tenants that the property has a track record of success.


Include a call to action

At the end of the OM, you must include a clear call to action (CTA). The CTA could be a phone number to call for more information or a link to a website where potential buyers or tenants can learn more about the property.


Are you working on making a private offering memorandum (POM)? The POM is an essential tool for attracting investors and helping them make informed decisions about whether to invest in the property.

In addition to using attractive visuals and testimonials, here are some other tips for being creative with your private real estate OM:


Use storytelling

Instead of just listing facts about the property, try using storytelling to bring the OM to life. Storytelling could include sharing the property’s history or highlighting unique features that make it stand out.


Highlight the location

The location of a property can be a major selling point, so be sure to highlight any nearby amenities or transportation options.


Customize the OM for your audience

Think about who you are targeting with your OM and tailor the content and visuals accordingly. For example, if you are targeting young professionals, you should emphasize nearby dining and entertainment options.


By connecting with CREOP, you can create a commercial real estate OM that is both informative, visually appealing, and effectively markets the property to potential buyers or tenants. Take your business to new heights by booking a free demo with us today.

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