April 12

Navigating Springtime Commercial Real Estate Marketing


Springtime means the weather gets warmer and the days become longer, and commercial real estate marketing gains momentum. It is the peak season for buying, selling, and leasing commercial properties. Are you a commercial real estate agent or property owner interested in selling or leasing at this time? If so, April is the ideal time to strengthen your marketing tactics. This article will share seven tips for navigating the commercial real estate industry during spring. 


Improve Your Online Presence

When it comes to effective commercial property marketing, your online presence needs to be current and accurate. Your website and social media platforms should be up to date, and ensure property listings, contact information, and other crucial details are current. Another aspect of improving your online presence involves enhancing your website’s and social media accounts’ overall look and feel. Consider posting images and reels from professional photography shoots to showcase your properties in a positive light. 


Prioritize Seasonal Trends

The majority of people enjoy spending more time outside once spring rolls around, taking advantage of the warmer, sunnier weather. That is why you should consider showcasing outdoor features of your properties, including patios, common areas, and green spaces. When it comes to marketing office spaces, keep in mind that some people are still working remotely, so consider emphasizing properties that offer a hybrid work environment.


Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is an excellent tactic to remind potential buyers and tenants of your presence. To successfully market via email, take advantage of commercial real estate software. Consider sending out a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter that includes new listings, property updates, and important commercial real estate news. Optimization is crucial, so make sure your emails are user-friendly; emails should be optimized for mobile devices, be concise, include a strong call to action, and be easy to read.  


Become a Proactive Member of Your Community

April is an excellent time to participate in local events and get involved with networking opportunities. When you engage with folks at local business seminars, you will inevitably meet prospective clients and be able to promote your properties in an easy-going setting. 


Provide Incentives

Incentives help reel in potential buyers and tenants. For example, you could provide new tenants with a move-in special or a discounted upfront deposit for new tenants. If you want to attract buyers, you could provide a closing cost credit to help close the deal.


Engage with Other Professionals

Engaging with other professionals in commercial real estate is a straightforward way of building your network and meeting new clients. Consider catering your services to professionals like mortgage brokers and attorneys.


Analyze Your Results

If you want to track the success of your marketing efforts, consider using analytical tools to check website traffic, email open rates, and other critical metrics. Conducting an analysis can help you make significant improvements in your marketing tactics.



As you can see, spring is a promising time for successful commercial real estate marketing. By keeping your online presence up to date, prioritizing seasonal trends, strengthening your email marketing, focusing on community efforts, providing incentives, networking with other professionals, and analyzing your results, you can take your marketing game to the next level. Book a free demo with CREOP today!


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