January 25

The Value of Online Auctions in Commercial Real Estate Marketing


Online auctions have become an increasingly important tool in the realm of commercial real estate marketing. They can completely transform the way commercial real estate transactions are conducted.

Before diving into the benefits CRE online auctions offer, it is important to define them.


What Are CRE Online Auctions?

A commercial real estate online auction is a method of selling commercial property through the internet, using an online bidding process. This type of auction allows interested buyers to view and bid on commercial properties from the comfort of their own homes or offices without the need to be present at the auction location.


A critical aspect of online auctions is the use of commercial real estate software. This software allows for the seamless organization and management of the auction process, including listing properties, tracking bids, and handling contracts and paperwork. Without commercial real estate software, the process of buying and selling properties through online auctions would be much more cumbersome and time-consuming.


Online auctions have become an increasingly important tool for commercial property marketing. Here are a few benefits that CRE online auctions offer for both buyers and sellers:



One of the primary advantages of online auctions is the speed at which they can be completed. Traditional real estate sales can take months, or even years, to complete due to the need for inspections, financing, and other factors. In contrast, online auctions can be completed in a matter of days or even hours, allowing buyers and sellers to close deals much more quickly. Speed is particularly useful in the commercial real estate market, where properties may be held for a shorter period of time, and the need to turn a profit is greater.


Increased Transparency

Another benefit of online auctions is the increased transparency they provide. In a traditional real estate transaction, buyers may be hesitant to make an offer if they do not have full visibility into the property’s condition or the seller’s motivations. In an online auction, however, all relevant information about the property is made available to potential buyers, allowing them to make informed decisions about whether or not to bid. This transparency can also help to create a sense of competition among buyers, driving up the final sale price.


Greater Audience Reach

Online auctions also have the potential to reach a much wider audience than traditional real estate marketing methods. With an online auction, properties can be advertised to a global audience, increasing the pool of potential buyers and potentially resulting in higher sale prices. Additionally, online auctions allow buyers from anywhere in the world to participate, which can be especially useful for properties located in more remote or less developed areas.


Save Time and Money

Finally, online auctions can save both buyers and sellers time and money. Buyers do not need to travel to view properties in person, and sellers do not need to spend as much on advertising and other marketing efforts. This can help to make commercial real estate transactions more efficient and cost-effective for everyone involved.

In conclusion, online auctions are an important commercial real estate marketing tool. They offer space for buyers and sellers to connect and negotiate the sale of properties quickly, efficiently, and transparently. Moreover, they offer a range of benefits for both buyers and sellers. As more and more buyers and sellers embrace this technology, online auctions will likely become an increasingly common way to buy and sell commercial real estate. If you want to learn more about using online auctions with CREOP, you can book a free demo today.

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