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Using Syndication for the Commercial Real Estate OM


In the fast-paced commercial real estate industry, time is paramount when attracting potential investors and maximizing exposure for your property listings. One effective method to achieve these objectives is through the use of syndication. This article will discuss how syndication can save you time and help you magnify the exposure of your commercial real estate offering memorandums A.K.A. OMs.


What is Syndication in Commercial Real Estate?

In syndication, real estate professionals pool capital from multiple investors to acquire and operate a property. It is a method used by brokerages to list a property simultaneously on multiple third-party platforms.

Presently, the majority of prospective buyers and tenants use these types of platforms to look through various properties and narrow their search until they find the listings that align with their requirements. By adding your properties to these platforms, you enhance the visibility of your listings to millions of potential clients whom you may not reach otherwise, thereby increasing your chances of obtaining high-quality leads.

Simply put, syndication ensures that your listing details are published on all pertinent platforms, enabling you to seize every opportunity to connect with the appropriate buyers without any missed chances.


The Apartment Offering Memorandum

The apartment offering memorandum template is a comprehensive document that outlines the key details and financial information of an apartment investment opportunity, and it plays a critical role in syndication by providing potential investors with a clear understanding of the property’s potential, risks, and projected returns.

The OM presents a standardized format for conveying information about the investment opportunity. This document helps syndicators effectively communicate the following details to potential investors: 

  • property’s financials
  • market analysis
  • property description
  • lease terms


Time-Saving Advantages of Syndication

Using syndication offers many benefits for you, your clients, and the buyers you aim to reach. Here are three critical benefits:


Time-saving efficiency

If you have ever manually entered listings on multiple third-party marketplaces, you know how tedious and time-consuming it can be to repeatedly input all the details and imagery. However, with syndication, you only need to enter the information once. With CREOP’s syndication feature, you simply enter the property specifications, description, price, and imagery into the CRM, and it automatically publishes the listing to various major platforms within seconds. This method saves you valuable time, allowing you to focus on other essential tasks while waiting for leads to roll in.


Enhanced exposure

Promoting a listing typically requires significant resources and diverts attention from other critical matters, such as deal-making and nurturing client relationships. However, a syndication solution relieves this burden by automatically amplifying your listing across the internet. Within seconds, you can showcase your client’s property to hundreds of potential buyers across multiple marketplaces, enhancing its exposure and increasing the chances of attracting interested parties.


Accurate and up-to-date information

Publishing details individually on each listing site can be exhausting, especially when it comes to updating information or changing prices. The risk of missing a site and having outdated or incorrect information circulating the web can complicate deals and create friction during negotiations. With syndication, you ensure buyers only see the most accurate and current information. Instead of going through the entire process for every update, syndication automatically synchronizes changes across all relevant platforms, maintaining consistency and preventing potential discrepancies.


Effective Methods for Syndicating Offering Memorandums


Pick the Right Syndication Platforms

Research and identify syndication platforms that cater to commercial real estate. Ensure the platforms have a strong track record, a wide reach, and a target audience aligned with your property’s characteristics.


Optimize Your Offering Memorandum

Before syndicating your offering memorandum, ensure it is well-prepared, professionally written, and visually appealing. Highlight the unique selling points of your property, including comprehensive financial data, and provide supporting documentation such as property photos, floor plans, and market research.


Collaborate with Industry Professionals

Partner with brokers, agents, and other professionals with a solid network and experience in commercial real estate. Their involvement in syndicating your offering memorandum can significantly increase its exposure and attract more qualified leads.




In this competitive world, syndication offers a valuable opportunity to save time and maximize the exposure of your commercial real estate OM. Embracing syndication as part of your marketing strategy will help you succeed in business. Are you interested in taking your work to the next level with a successful CRE marketing solutions provider? Book a free demo with CREOP today! 


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