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December 28

What Are the Emerging Trends in Commercial Real Estate Marketing?

Emerging Trends in Commercial Real Estate Marketing

In 2021, the global commercial real estate (CRE) market value reached USD 34 trillion. In this ever-evolving landscape, marketing is an indispensable tool that can make or break your success. As the competitive environment tightens, staying ahead of the curve and leveraging modern marketing strategies and tools is crucial. Here are four emerging commercial real estate marketing trends you must know:


Embracing Digital Transformation

Gone are the days of bulky physical brochures and printed materials. In this digital age, the spotlight is understandably on digital marketing materials. Websites, social media platforms, email campaigns, and online advertisements have become essential tools for commercial real estate (CRE) marketing. These digital avenues allow for real-time updates, greater flexibility, and a more global reach.


Virtual Property Tours

Virtual property tours operate on the principle of giving the viewer a realistic, 360-degree perspective of a property without a physical presence. These commercial real estate marketing tools use specialized photographic equipment or 3D imaging technology to capture every angle of the property, stitching the images together to create an interactive, panoramic view. These tours provide a comprehensive view of the space and allow potential buyers or tenants to visualize the property, enhancing their engagement and interest.


Integrated Tools

Integrated marketing tools blend various advertising and promotional methods. Using a mix of marketing methods amplifies your message across multiple platforms, increasing your reach and visibility. The approach also ensures consistency in your messaging, strengthening your brand identity and growing trust among your target audience. Finally, integration allows for more accurate measurement and tracking of marketing outcomes.


Interactive Content

Based on research done in 2022, 52% of global marketers said interactive emails are the most effective marketing content tool, and 47% indicated that live streaming and interactive videos were the most productive content in achieving their marketing objectives. Leveraging interactive content allows users to explore the neighborhood around a property, showing nearby amenities, transportation links, and local points of interest. This tool creates an engaging and informative experience for potential clients.


CREOP: Supporting Your Commercial Real Estate Company’s Marketing Efforts

Commercial real estate marketing is changing rapidly, and adapting to new methods of presenting and showcasing properties is vital for success. At CREOP, we offer commercial real estate marketing templates and tools to help you create stunning digital marketing materials. Let us be your partner to help you drive your commercial real estate business to new heights. Contact us today to get started!

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