December 16

Creating a Commercial Real Estate OM to Make Deals


A commercial real estate OM is a professionally written, comprehensive report that buyers use to make a decision about a property. 

In this article, we will discuss the ways in which CREOP helps brokers share important information about their listings, builds a pipeline of leads, and allows time for creating relationships and making deals. 


Present the listing in a positive light. 

Your objective is to sell the listing as quickly as possible at the highest price. That means you need to present a thorough, well-designed commercial real estate offering memorandum. You should provide as many details as you can in this important document. 

Let’s say the listing type is a strip mall. Here are some examples of components that you would need to include in your offering memorandum:

  • Rent Roll summarizing the tenant/s lease
  • Information on surrounding properties
  • Financial details showing the return an investor is likely to make

In regards to the listing type, CREOP offers a wide variety of offering memorandum templates to choose from based on the property type.  If you want to upload and incorporate your own documents and files into the offering memorandum, that can easily be done with our system.  Further, you will be able to keep a log of everyone that accesses your offering memorandum and signed an NDA. 


Find quality leads for your listing.

You have the ability to generate leads and consequently close deals with a commercial real estate offering memorandum. With CREOP’s Deal Room, you can send buyers and brokers to your property’s “Deal Room” where they can download the offering memorandum and any other documents you make available.   You can also use the Deal Room for a very private and confidential offering memorandums and require people to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before entering.  You have the option of either choosing a standard NDA that includes your company logo and name or uploading your own NDA.


Save yourself time by using OM automation.

Manually creating an offering memorandum over twenty or thirty pages long requires an unnecessary amount of time and energy. This time and energy could instead be put into connecting with potential buyers. When you use OM automation with CREOP, you can make time to build relationships with potential buyers. No more manually entering data into an Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint.  Enter the data once into CREOP and if you need to adjust the price later, al the financial metrics get automatically updated accordingly.


Elements of an effective OM

Want to know what makes a successful commercial real estate OM? We have broken down the most important elements for you:

  • Property details as well as an offering summary
  • Location details such as demographics and maps
  • A comprehensive financial analysis that includes an investment overview, operating data, financing data, income and expense summaries
  • Rent, on-market, and sale comparables
  • Rent Roll and tenant profiles
  • Details about floorplans, tenant information, and points of interest

If you need help creating a commercial real estate offering memorandum that can close deals, look no further than CREOP to help you get the job done.

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