April 25

How CREOP Can Help You Maximize Your Flexibility with Commercial Real Estate OMs


Commercial real estate OMs play a critical role in the industry’s transaction process. Offering memorandums give prospective investors and buyers full details about a property, such as financial information, market analysis, and amenity features. Creating an offering memorandum can be tedious without a proper software system, and this is where CREOP can help save the day.  This article will explain how CREOP’s software can help optimize the process and give you more flexibility over the conception of your OM.


What is the Purpose of CREOP Software?

CREOP, which stands for Commercial Real Estate Online Publisher, is a cloud-based software system that caters to the needs of professionals in the commercial real estate market. The system has a variety of features and tools to help agents, brokers, lenders, and property owners optimize their work and fortify their marketing strategies. A significant feature of CREOP software is the offering memorandum creation tool.

Software plays a significant role in making a professional and appealing commercial real estate offering memorandum. It allows you to make detailed financial information with enticing graphics such as charts and tables. It also allows for personalization and convenient updates, making it easier to create an offering memorandum that engages specific audiences and stays current with market trends. The offering memorandum should always be an accurate, well-designed document to reel in potential investors and ultimately make a deal.


Flexibility with the OM Creation Tool 

CREOP’s Offering Memorandum (OM) creation tool allows you greater flexibility and governance over the content and design of your offering memorandum. The software includes different, customizable templates that you can conveniently edit and adjust to match the needs of each property. This tool evidently helps users make a professional and efficient OM that represents the special features and accurately reflects the properties’ unique features and selling proposition.

Along with customizable templates, CREOP’s OM creation tool has the following advanced features to streamline the process:

  • drag-and-drop functionality
  • Include your own outside documents and files
  • Deal room prospect tracking


The Benefits of CREOP’s Offering Memorandum Template

An offering memorandum template can give you many distinct benefits, such as saving time and effort and reducing inaccuracies by using a structured and organized outline for making the document. If you aim for consistency in presenting financial information, the template can help you achieve just that. Templates can also be updated and reused for any future offering memorandums you need to design. 

With cutting-edge features and tools, CREOP has pre-made offering memorandum templates that you can use as a baseline for your documents. These templates are customizable and can help you save some time and effort that is better directed toward connecting with clients.

If you strive for flexibility and control over the commercial real estate offering memorandum CREOP software is right for you. 



If you work in the CRE industry and need a software system to help you make polished commercial real estate OMs  look no further than CREOP. With customizable templates, tools that help boost collaboration with team members, and other state-of-the-art features, CREOP can help you budget your time and effort. Experience more flexibility and governance over your OM development processes. Are you looking to take your work to the next level with a successful CRE marketing solutions provider? Book a free demo with CREOP today! 


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