The Power of Personal Touch and Relationship-Building for Commercial Real Estate OM Success

Building strong relationships based on trust and rapport is paramount in commercial real estate brokerage, and central to this process is the effective utilization of a powerful tool known as the commercial real estate OM. By harnessing the potential of this comprehensive document, brokers can showcase their expertise, present valuable information, and instill confidence in prospects and clients. Beyond the offering memorandum, fostering connections requires going the extra mile to impress clients and maintain lasting relationships. While continuous prospecting is essential, dedicating time and effort to these relationships ensures that clients turn to you as their trusted broker when needed.

To become an unforgettable broker for your clients, consider employing the following strategies:


Embrace enthusiasm and genuine excitement in your work.

While it may seem like an obvious point, it is worth emphasizing the significance of connecting with prospects in the realm of commercial real estate. They are not merely seeking a service provider; they desire a genuine connection with you. Commercial real estate deals, often extending over the years, highlight the importance of genuinely relishing collaboration with all involved parties. You become infectious and attract people towards you by exuding a positive and enthusiastic demeanor. If you derive genuine satisfaction from your work and find joy in assisting others, allow your passion for the industry and dedication to excellence to shine through, especially when crafting and presenting a compelling commercial real estate offering memorandum.


Forge personal connections with holiday cards and handwritten notes.

One timeless approach to standing out is sending your clients holiday cards accompanied by a brief handwritten note. This simple gesture lets you connect personally and convey, “It’s great being your broker.” Even the wording itself reinforces the existing relationship. While it is essential to maintain regular communication throughout the year, sending a heartfelt card is a surefire way to build rapport. Avoid offering or pitching anything in this context; extend warm wishes and foster a genuine connection.

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Create memorable experiences by celebrating deal closures.

A veteran broker once divulged a great strategy to make a lasting impression on clients. Upon the successful closure of a deal, orchestrate a meeting with the client at the property itself. As you arrange a small table, prepare delectable snacks, and bring forth a bottle of champagne, consider complementing this experience with the inclusion of a thoughtfully crafted CRE marketing brochure.

However, why stop there? Take the encounter to new heights by skillfully sabering the champagne bottle instead of simply popping it. Though it may initially appear intimidating, executing this impressive act necessitates a sharp knife and a dash of showmanship. By going above and beyond, you fashion an unforgettable moment that distinguishes you from the rest.


Treat your clients and their partners to a special outing.

Another remarkable idea shared by a fellow broker involves organizing a unique excursion for your client and their partner once the deal is finalized. While covering the bill at a fancy restaurant and offering a nice bottle of wine is a thoughtful gesture, take it a step further to distinguish yourself. Consider hiring a driver and arranging a memorable ride in a classic car. While the original story featured a Rolls Royce, you have various intriguing options available through rental services like Turo.

Although this special outing may come at a cost, the impression you leave on your client will be priceless. When they embark on future deals, rest assured they will remember your exceptional service.


Capture professional photos for your clients and their team.

This considerate gesture offers something essential yet often overlooked. It’s an opportunity to go above and beyond. Hire a photographer to capture headshots and images of their team and space at their new site, which they can leverage for their website and promotional materials.

As a bonus, create a postcard featuring the new photographs and offer to send it as a moving notice to their network. By tapping into their mailing list, you gain access to new prospects.



We hope these strategies, including using a commercial real estate OM, have inspired you! Remember, without a CRM, staying at the forefront of clients’ minds and deepening your connections becomes significantly more challenging.

How to Find Off-Market Property and the Benefits for Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Finding off-market properties can be a game-changer when it comes to commercial real estate marketing. These hidden gems, unavailable through traditional listing channels, offer unique opportunities for investors and developers. This article will delve into a comprehensive guideline for discovering off-market apartments and why they should be on your radar.


Understanding Off-Market Properties 

Off-market properties refer to real estate assets not publicly listed on multiple listing services (MLS) or advertised through traditional channels. These properties are typically available through private connections, word-of-mouth referrals, or exclusive networks. In the context of apartments, off-market opportunities include multi-unit buildings, complexes, or apartment communities that are not widely marketed to the general public.


The Advantages of Seeking Off-Market Apartments 


Limited Competition:

Off-market properties experience significantly lower competition from other buyers and investors, allowing you to negotiate better terms, secure favorable deals, and potentially acquire properties at a lower price.


Exclusive Opportunities:

Off-market apartments often present unique investment prospects. These properties might have specific features, potential for value-add improvements, or favorable locations that set them apart from those available through traditional channels.


Increased Privacy and Discretion:

Both buyers and sellers of off-market properties can enjoy a higher level of privacy and confidentiality during negotiations, which can be crucial for high-profile individuals or those seeking discreet transactions.


Relationship Building:

Engaging in off-market deals allows one to establish valuable connections with property owners, real estate professionals, and other industry players, creating a network that can benefit future endeavors.


Guidelines for Finding Off-Market Apartments 


Network with Real Estate Professionals:

Establish relationships with real estate agents, brokers, property managers, and other professionals who may have access to off-market opportunities. Attend industry events, join real estate associations, and actively engage in networking activities.


Leverage Local Connections:

Build connections with local property owners, developers, and investors. Participate in community events, join local business associations, and reach out to property owners directly to express your interest in off-market deals.


Utilize Online Platforms and Databases:

Some online platforms and commercial real estate software specialize in off-market listings or connect buyers and sellers discreetly. Explore platforms such as private listing websites, industry forums, and social media groups where off-market properties may be shared.


Direct Mail Campaigns:

Develop targeted direct mail campaigns to reach property owners who may be interested in selling their apartments but have not listed them publicly. Tailor your message to highlight the benefits of off-market transactions.


Engage in Off-Market Strategies:

Collaborate with real estate professionals experienced in off-market transactions, which can employ various strategies such as cold calling, door-knocking, and direct outreach to property owners to uncover potential off-market opportunities.



Finding off-market apartments in commercial real estate marketing can be a lucrative strategy. By understanding the advantages and following the guidelines outlined above, you can tap into a hidden market of unique opportunities, gain a competitive edge, and forge valuable connections in apartment investing.